Engaging with the global cancer community at AORTIC 2019

The AORTIC International Conference on Cancer in Africa is a unique platform that encourages learning, exchange of best practices and collaboration to improve cancer control in the African continent. The conference brings together multidisciplinary specialists from the global cancer community to reduce the impact of cancer in Africa. This year, it took place in Maputo, Mozambique from November 5 to 9. The theme was “Cancer in Africa: Innovations, Strategies and Implementation.”

The conference provided participants with the opportunity to present their research, share their expertise, hear case studies, and gain practical knowledge that will help to ensure cancer management in Africa is successful. It was an avenue to broaden participants network for clinical support and collaboration, which also provided latest information on cancer control in Africa to enhance best practices. With organized workshops that were led by expert speaking faculties, participants also had the opportunity to access a network of cancer professionals across all fields from 55+ countries. The goal was for participants to go back with adequate information that will add value to their various organization and the health systems of their countries.

Susan G. Komen has over the years contributed to reducing breast cancer burden globally, especially across the African region. With formidable presence and established collaborations with both government and non-governmental health institutions in the region, we have strengthened health institutions and systems to improve cancer control in Africa.

To continue to provide leadership in the breast cancer space, establish partnerships, and share knowledge and best practices, Susan G. Komen has always participated in the AORTIC International Conference. This year was no exception as Anna Cabanes, the Senior Director of Community Health and Global Programs attended the conference with other Komen-sponsored participants from the US and Zambia. Dr. Cabanes co-chaired a panel discussion, entitled “Better access to breast cancer care: a question of filling knowledge gaps or taking action on implementation?”

Panelist presented their work and discussed how to accelerate the translation of research studies to public health programs in Africa. This session allowed the conference participants to discuss strategies to allow women to benefit from effective, simple, and affordable technologies or interventions.

We are proud of the work we have been doing and will continue to do to reduce breast cancer mortality in Africa. We are committed to doing everything we can to decrease disparities and save lives.

Written by: Chris Chukwunyere