Fundraising for Komen

Planning a Fundraiser for Komen National Capital Region

We are honored to be contacted by passionate members of our community wanting to organize an event or promotion benefiting Komen National Capital Region.

Getting Started

Step 1: Read through our fundraising guidelines to assist you in planning your event or promotion.
Step 2: If you are interested in entering into an agreement with the Komen National Capital Region, complete the 3rd Party Event Agreement 08162012 PDF.
Step 3: Still have questions? Please read: 3rdPartyGuidelines_2015 or contact:

Adrienne Johnson

All third party fundraisers are reviewed on an individual basis. It may take up to 72 hours before you hear from a Komen NCR representative.  Please note that you may not promote your event until you have a signed agreement.

If you are unable to complete the Third Party Fundraiser Application, there are three other ways to support Komen: