Partner Focus: UAE Embassy in Washington DC, United States

“For the past four years, the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC has been a proud supporter of Susan G. Komen’s More Than Pink Walk. We are honored to join the fight against breast cancer and be part of a global community that is working to end breast cancer forever.”

Ms. Shaima Gargash, Deputy Chief of Mission at the United Arab Emirates Embassy shed some light on the UAE Embassy’s partnership with Komen.

She said, “Having walked alongside my colleagues at the event, I am inspired by the commitment and positive energy of all the participants. Komen keeps the stories of those lost to the disease alive, creating an enduring legacy for the organization and inspiring others to take action.

Breast cancer affects women and families around the world and is the most common female cancer in the Middle East. According to the Global Cancer Observatory, there were 1,054 new cases of breast cancer in the UAE in 2018, and 258 deaths. Many of the UAE Embassy’s staff and volunteers have witnessed the effects of this terrible disease first hand, or through loved ones or friends who have battled breast cancer.

The UAE is investing heavily to combat this disease, and is working with leading organizations in the field, like Komen, to enhance access and quality of breast cancer treatments, as well as find a cure for the disease. A new generation of Emirati doctors are also being trained to provide better care for patients in the UAE.

Our involvement with the More Than Pink Walk in Washington, DC is the most recent chapter in a deep and long-standing relationship between the UAE and Susan G. Komen. Komen has worked for many years with local UAE women’s groups, government officials, physicians and medical organizations to educate women on breast cancer and improve early diagnosis and treatment in the UAE.

The UAE is on a mission to reduce deaths from cancer by 18% in 2021. Through partnerships with world-class US institutions like Komen, the UAE seeks to enhance care for people in the UAE and the broader Middle East.

We’re pleased that the UAE’s partnership with Komen has benefited both Americans and Emiratis, and we remain committed to working together in the mission to end breast cancer.”

Written by: Chris Chukwunyere