World Cancer Day 2020

We are saddened to hear of the passing of a friend of Komen, Ryan Keith, on May 10, 2020. Ryan was an advocate for funding Metastatic Breast Cancer Research and below is an excerpt from his comments during our panel for World Cancer Day February 4, 2020:

“We need to increase our funding of Metastatic Breast Cancer Research. Prevention and Early detection are crucial. However, only 2%-5% of money dedicated to breast cancer is going towards stage 4 research. This is not enough money by a long shot. If we know that 6% to 10% of breast cancer diagnosis is stage 4 and we know 30% of the early stage breast cancer population is becoming stage 4, then why are we not earmarking more money for stage 4? With money and research, it is possible to turn Stage 4 into a chronic disease and not a death sentence.

I have had a difficult 2 years but I am learning a lot and working to live my life to the fullest and maximize my quality of life. As a community, I think we should all advocate for Wellbeing, Understanding that 30% of breast cancer diagnoses reoccur as stage 4 and that we should push to fund Stage 4 Breast Cancer research. We also need to understand that this disease does not see gender, race, or anything for that matter. We need as a community to be inclusive and work together to make sure we are all cared for properly.”

Written by: Chris Chukwunyere